UPDATED 2 -5 - 2018


Featuring the titanium art and projects of Jeff Hise



The latest triple angel votive holders now have removable candle cups for easy cleaning and candle changing.

I made them tapered to fit several different size candles as well. These two are sold but more can be ordered by simply e-mailing

me anytime. Enjoy the angels!

Now available at The Vancura Gallery of Fine Art in Middlefeild ,Ohio

The angel chandelier now has a clear globe instead of the burgundy one shown here. It is a beautiful, timeless piece with a

matching ceiling medallion made of titanium to last for centuries and beyond!


The first person to see this and order ANY item from my Etsy store

gets this fancy butterfly pin FREE. It will be sent with your order.

I do this from time to time just for fun! You can find my store right here


The fine art of anodizing is always being developed and different solutions and voltage combinations in search of

interesting colors. Before long I will begin a Pagoda/Waterfalls project that will consume my time and resources to the max. I am hoping to include offset LED lighting

and possibly laser cut panels. The result, if all goes as planned will be spectacular to say the least.

The latest entry to my lamp collection is the "Amber Lamp". Baked at 890 degrees for a half hour to bring this gold color. I was talked into going with an amber colored stained glass because it would compliment more color themes than almost any other color. The lower left picture details the night light area underneath the lamp base. The night light will be an LED bulb to run long and cool. The lamp simply pulls apart at this joint to service the night light bulb after 20,000 hours - very easy indeed! Special thanks to Renaissance and Rainbows, LLC for help with the glass work on this special project!(Now available on Etsy.com)



The new "Seven Dips" Titanium waterfalls is the first to incorporate LED lighting. I mounted the pump in suspended foam

to make it quiet so that you only hear falling water. It is about 18 inches across at the top and is designed for the top to easily

be removed for cleaning and service. Look for this one at the Gallery West in Chardon, Ohio and then at the Burton Library

Art show in early October. UPDATE: We squeeked out an "honorable mention" in a show that is difficult even to get in so we

are very pleased. This piece is currently showing and available at the Vancura Gallery of Fine Art in Middlefield, Ohio.


The tradition continues with a set of titanium waterfalls called "Fantasy Falls" made for a retiring friend.

To see a quick movie of it in motion click here.




The latest "Angel Chimes" were dip - anodized for variable color and the results were stunning. The DC voltage needs to be between 60 and 85 volts to anodize the various colors.

They are slowly pulled out of the anodizing cell while under current for the rainbow effect. New sets are planned for fall and winter with various "tunings".


The Titanium Parlor Lamp



The new "Leafsprout" triple angel candle holder features three anodized angels at the base and a "leaf handle" that pierces the top perimeter.

Inside is a removable wax catch to make it easy to remove spent wax - just boil it out.




I went fishing a while back and watched a better fisherman - well fisherbird - than I. Then I got a bug to make

one out of titanium. The great Blue Heron is an awesome bird to see up close. They really do stand knock

kneed like this. Now I don't feel so bad about my stance.







The "Frog Lamp" is complete. It features five frogs hanging out at the base of a titanium tree. Sounds like something from a weird movie.

The lamp is green in shade color but green in energy usage as well. It runs on a total of 5 watts. Several nine volt batteries would run it if

you used a tiny inverter to change voltage to 110 AC. The little LED bulbs are adapted to run on 110 AC. The bulbs are good for ten years

and won't pollute you with mercury like CFL's will.

What do titanium frogs eat?? Titanium worms of course and there are plenty of them hanging from

the shade base of this lamp.


The shade base is triangular and tiny eyes are seen on each projection giving the lamp a strange touch

as though something is trying to come out of it. OK - no more coffee. This piece is available at the Virescent

Design Gallery.


I decided to make a desktop frog on lilypad scene. That meant no cat tails this time - they are too tall.






I finally had a chance to make my second titanium clock. If you were abducted by aliens and

you had one of these clocks you could barter your way to freedom again with it! LOL

You won't be finding these at Walmart anytime soon. Feel free to order one from me. They are

about 12 inches in diameter and will last until the end of time (excluding the battery) Price: call or e-mail


Mirror mirror on the wall - whose the most abstract of them all?? That isn't

the original script but it works for this mirror. I call it the "hurricane mirror"

because the panels that make up the frame have swirly designs on them

that resemble space views of hurricanes. Who really talks to mirrors anyway??


SCIENCE with titanium !!

This is a hydrogen/oxygen cell. I became interested in making these and using them to

enhance fuel economy when the gas prices started to skyrocket. This is one of the reasons I was sidetracked from

doing artwork for a while. This cell splits water into usable "hydroxy" gas that is several times the explosive power of gasoline.

Other Projects to investigate:

** A water powered lantern is in the works... the Amish will love it!

Plasma plume hydrogen heating units - 600VDC with a high pressure nozzle

** Also: A hydroxy gas powered hit and miss engine for home power...developing

I recently met an Amish man with an 1885 engine that is designed to run on hydrogen. We agreed to try hydroxy in it

sometime soon.




The 'Daisy Blue Cobalt" lamp is complete. This is my first attempt at making a titanium floor lamp. Several new ideas were put into place on this piece.The post is made of many segmented rings forming a triangular shape.


The shade edges are titanium strips that dangle from rings...heavy duty fringe! See this one at the Virescent Design Gallery.



"Chicken of the Sea"

After sending our daughter downstairs to get a can of tuna, she returned to say there is nothing but chicken of the sea down there. After a good laugh I decided to make a "sea chicken" in its natural sea chicken habitat of course. It doesn't show too well in these pictures but the chicken head morphs into a fish body. I'm not sure how sea chickens taste but they are fun to watch. Update: The "Chicken of the Sea" is among the ferns and flowers along my patio.

It looks like blooming titanium sprouts.



The "Dance of Glory" titanium centerpiece Click here for more insight on this unusual piece.





The new piece shown in four views is called "Turn of the Century". It was actually intended to be a wedding cake topper weighing in at just under 12 onces. It is an heirloom for the special bride and groom to last a life time and

BEYOND! "Turn of the Century" is the name of my favorite YES song as well...Commissions always welcomed...








The Mini- Angel Falls Tabletop Waterfalls

Here is the table top Angel themed waterfalls. It can be used to hear the sound of falling water or run nearly silent by lowering the water level in the basin. It is back lit by two long life signal bulbs just under the falls. This one has sold but this can be reproduced on special order.


This piece is called "Anticipation" ( thank you Carol King) and it is depicting an intense moment out there somewhere in the pond. The dragonfly has a sudden and unexpected end coming. As in most of my art, there is a spiritual message to glean from such a scene as this. That we truly never know when our "last moment" is coming ...thus the importance of trusting in Jesus' finished work on the cross to take away our sin and prepare us for our last moment and then eternity. And you thought this was just art.... Are you ready???






See more Windchimes hereHere is a shot of the second" dual strike " wind chimes featuring ten angels and an unusual elongated hexagonal dome. Notice the "bamboo" anodizing on the chimes.These chimes are beautiful especially during peak sunlight.


"Morning Nectar 3"

Now on display at The Art Infusion Gallery


Titanium "Angel Falls" make an eye catching ornament/focal point for deck or patio ponds. They can be made to include lighting and color effects as well. Guaranteed to outlast your fish by a few thousand years!

2nd Hummingbird Sculpture
The Dove Sculpture




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